Firearms Information

Please read all the information below BEFORE contacting Match Director

Firearms Import/Export Application

Last Update: April 4, 2024



Upon completion of the required documents, please attach your import permit and other relevant documents to an email and send it to [email protected]. Your application will be reviewed and, if necessary, returned to you with instructions for any corrective action.


The following information must be completed in the SAPS 520 to apply for your temporary import / export permit:

  1. SAPS 520 form – completed in black ink.
  2. Complete page 2, section D (put an X in block 5).
  3. Complete page 2, section E – natural person’s details.
  4. Complete page 4, section G – import/export details; (port of entry is OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg).
  5. Complete page 6, section I – details of firearms and ammunition.
  6. Complete page 7, number 4 – signature of person currently in possession and section J signature of applicant.

Please provide the following documents to process the application, and bring multiple copies into South Africa

  • Copy of airline tickets.
  • Letter of invitation from the host.
  • A high-quality copy of your passport.
  • A high-quality copy of your firearm licence(s).

    Storing and Transporting Firearms

    Last Update: April 4, 2024

    Guide to Safe Storage and Transport of Firearms in South Africa

    Storage Guidelines

    1. Licensing: All firearm owners must possess and be able to present a valid license or import permit/temporary license upon request by the South African Police Service.
    2. Safekeeping: When not in use, firearms should be securely stored in a dedicated gun safe, anchored to the floor or wall, with a minimum thickness of 10mm steel.
    3. No Safe Available: When not in use and there is no safe, the firearm must be with the permit holder at all times. Safe keeping will be made available on the range and related costs will be shared as soon as possible.

    Avoid: Leaving a firearm unattended outside of a dedicated gun safe, such as in a car or hotel room.

    Transport Guidelines

    1. Licensing: During transport, firearm owners must be able to present a valid license or import permit/temporary license upon request by the South African Police Service.
    2. Carrying: The firearm should always be carried by the owner or license holder in a case/bag specifically designed for firearm storage and transport.

    Avoid: Carrying a loaded firearm or holstering it directly on your person. Never leave the firearm unattended during transport. Ensure the firearm is always within reach/sight of the license holder, especially during stops.


    Gun Storage On the range will be available at no charge and can be retrieved an hour before shooting commences.