I would like to shoot the match. Can you give me a slot?
No. You must apply for a slot from the Regional Director of your Region of residence.
The schedule for the Main Match is not convenient for me. Can I shoot the Pre-Match?
No. The Pre-Match is reserved exclusively for Match Officials, Regional Directors, IPSC Patrons and Match Sponsors, all of whom must be confirmed by their Regional Director as being IPSC qualified competitors. Moreover, if you’re a member of an official Regional Team, you must shoot with the rest of your team members in the same squad in the Main Match.
Where can I obtain information about being a Match Sponsor?
Send an email to [email protected]
Where can I obtain information about becoming an IPSC Patron?
Send an email to [email protected]
I am a Regional Director but I cannot shoot the Pre-Match. Can I transfer my slot to another party from my Region?
No. The Regional Director’s slot is not transferable. It can only be used by the Regional Director or by his official delegate representing him at the IPSC Assembly when the Regional Director is personally unable to attend.
Unfortunately I must withdraw from the match. Can I transfer my slot to someone else?
No. You must surrender your slot to your Regional Director, who is the only person authorised to reallocate that slot within your Region.
If nobody else in my Region is able to use my slot, can my slot be given or sold to a competitor in another Region?
No. If your Regional Director is unable to find another competitor from your Region to replace you, the slot must be returned to IPSC.
I was Champion of my division at the previous match of the same name. Do I get a free slot at this match?
Defending Division Champions (but not Category Champions), are guaranteed a slot in the same division of this match, in addition to other slots allocated to their Region, but the slot is not free.
What is the official IPSC refund policy?
Cancellation 90 days before the match starts: 100% refund

Cancellation 89 to 31 days before match starts: 50% refund

Cancellation 30 days or less before match starts: No refund

Note that the match starts on the first day of the Pre-Match.

Who do I contact about organising a refund?
Refund requests are only accepted from your Regional Director.
There is an error with my name or other details on the competitor list. Who should I contact?
Contact your Regional Director, who is responsible for all match registrations for his Region.


What is the Match Hotel?

Click HERE for the complete information about Match Hotels

We want to make shirts for our delegation. Who do we contact to obtain a high resolution image of the match logo?

You download the Match Official Logo HERE

I want to register for one of the IROA Seminars. Who should I contact?
Send an email to [email protected]
What is the Dress Code for the Awards Presentation Dinner?
The minimum Dress Code is “Smart Casual”. For men, this means jackets and ties are not mandatory, but it means no sleeveless shirts, no shorts, no sandals, no flip-flops.

Women are expected to dress commensurate with “Cocktail Party” standards.


I want to shoot with my friends on the same squad. Who should I contact?
We no longer accept squadding requests from competitors. Squadding requests are only accepted from Regional Directors or their nominated delegate.


Squads designated for official Regional Teams are exclusively for Team Members, unless there are vacancies due to one or more teams only having three members. However, we will do our best to squad you in the same shooting session (i.e. morning or afternoon) each day. Ask your Regional Director to submit an official request to cover all his competitors.

I want to shoot with my friend from another region. How can I arrange this?
His Regional Director and yours must both submit a written request.
My friends and I would like to form a team. Who should I contact?
Team requests are only accepted from Regional Directors. Note that each Region can only field one team in each Division and Division/Category listed in Appendix A1 of the rulebooks.
My friends and I are sponsored by a company. Can we register a team under their name?
No. At Level IV and higher IPSC competitions, teams can only be registered under the name of the Region. However, subject to the approval of your Regional Director, you might be permitted to wear shirts or logos supplied by your sponsor.


At which airport(s) should I arrive in your country?
Air Travel
Most regional carriers will transport firearms internationally.  Domestic or budget carriers might not. When booking air transportation, check with the airline to determine their policies.

Use official airport taxis; however due to long driving distances is advisable to rent a vehicle.


What's the location for the IROA Level II Chief Range Officer Seminar?
What's the location for the IROA First Aid Seminar?
What's the location for the IPSC General Assembly?